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Guest Artists

The goal of this gallery is to provide wood workers with a method of allowing their products to be easily viewed by the public and to allow purchasers to directly contact the artist. This allows an understanding to be reached between the Artist and the customer as to price, shipping, and other issues that can be satisfactorily worked out with the parties. Rescued Wood Treasures (RWT) has no part in the negotiation or shipping nor do they receive any portion of the items price. Keep in mind the guest artists are normally a one person operation in their home, and the machinery required to produce these items are noisy, as a result phone calls are not always heard. An email to the artist will allow them to return your call at their convenience with less noise.

RWT makes every effort to vet the participant in the guest artist gallery. However we can NOT warranty any transaction or quality of any contributor. We do encourage customer feedback on these artists since that helps us with our vetting process and to eliminate from the site those whose honor may not fit our objective.

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614-315-3331[email protected]344 South High St. Pataskala, Ohio 43062By Appointment Only